Friends of Laguna Beach Dog Park
Mission Statement

• Preserve and enhance a safe and enjoyable dog park
• Promote responsible dog ownership
• Be an ambassador for the dog park

About Us

The Laguna Beach Dog Park is over two acres of grassy expanse tucked between the hills of the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park and the Aliso/Wood Canyons Regional Wilderness Park in Laguna Beach, California. Each week, hundreds of dogs and their owners visit this beautiful park, where leashes come off and dogs run free. The Dog Park is owned, operated and maintained by the City of Laguna Beach.

Established on October 17, 1992 the Laguna Beach Dog park was the first dog park in Orange County  and one of the few in Southern California at that time. The creation of the park was developed by Laguna Beach officials including Joy Falk, our current Laguna Beach Senior Animal Control Officer, GTE Telephone Operations, who at the time owned the land, and RUFF (Rescuing Unwanted Furry Friends), as well as a volunteer group that works with the city animal shelter. There was an overwhelming recognition that our community needed a safe, dedicated open space where dogs could run free. Subsequently, the City bought the land from Verizon, and assumed maintenance of the park. RUFF is still doing excellent work in our community, and we gratefully acknowledge their role in the founding of the Dog Park as well as the extensive research and assistance that Joy Falk continues to provide to make our park even better!

FLBDP Board of Directors 2014
FLBDP has five member-elected directors serving on its board.

Cindy Waldman - President
Yoshi O'Connor - Secretary
Dan Mulrenin - Treasurer
Allan Turner - Dog Park Liaison
Enrique Ceniceros - Liaison
Chuck Simpson - Liaison
Lucy Wojskowicz - Liaison

Who We Are:

Friends of Laguna Beach Dog Park is a California non-profit corporation with tax-exempt status under IRS Section 501(c)(3) that is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the Laguna Beach Dog Park, which is owned, operated and maintained by the City of Laguna Beach.
FLBDP was formed in June 2005 when a group of loyal dog park patrons became concerned about the City's consideration of taking the northern portion of the dog park for use as a skate park. We saw that dog park lovers needed a common voice to air our concerns before the City Council and keep the dog park's "pawprint" intact. Our efforts were rewarded in February 2006 when the City Council removed the dog park from consideration as a skate park location. The experience of nearly losing a portion of our park taught us that the dog park needs advocates.
FLBDP's ongoing mission is to maintain the integrity of the dog park and help the City understand how much it is valued by the community so that it remains a resource for years to come; to work with the City to make improvements to the park based on the needs and suggestions of its patrons; and to facilitate communications between park patrons and the City whenever any particular concerns need to be addressed.

Back Fence: Our first improvement was to completely enclose the park by installing a fence along the eastern border of the park where it had previously been open to the canyon. We had the plans drawn up and approved by the City and then paid for the installation of the fence, which was completed in January 2007.

Small Dog Area:
Further interface with the City resulted in the installation of a fence to form a small dog park, paid for by the City.

Water Fountains
: We also worked with the City first to relocate the original water fountain to a location outside of the entrance area and later to move that fountain to the small dog area and put a new water fountain in the large dog area.

When a patron arranged to have benches donated to the park, we worked to get the City's approval for the installation of the benches.

Shade Trees
: We purchased five shade trees that the City agreed to plant for us, with the caveat that we water them in their early stage of planting, and they are strategically situated throughout the park.

Ongoing Projects:

Message Board: A message board has been installed at the entrance to the park to facilitate communication.

Homeless Issues:
Because of our close proximity to the Alternate Sleeping Location facility for the homeless population to the immediate north of the dog park, our board members have established an open line of communication with the police officer in charge of monitoring that population in order to address as quickly as possible any issues that may arise.

Law Enforcement: We are working with the animal control officer of the Laguna Beach Police Department to draft a set of stricter rules concerning viscous dogs and inappropriate behavior at the dog park, with the aim of asking the City Council to propose these rules as new city ordinances.